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Patricia Rice

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Ever had one of those days? One of those lives? Ive been there, done that, and I imagine most of you have too.

Thats probably why we read romancewe need escape from those lives from time to time. We want to know that theres a world where right always wins, the heroine always gets her man, and evil is always crushed, no matter what trials and tribulations are thrown in the path of our dauntless characters. Wed like to believe our lives will turn out like that as well.

In IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS, Maya Alyssum has had one of those lives, but she still manages to dream impossible dreams, despite all evidence to the contrary that shell ever accomplish them. Her parents split up when she was a kid, her mother died when she wasnt much older, she and her older sister have been thrown out of more foster homes than they can count, and even after she works her way through college and lands a teaching job, she ends up pregnant at the same time as her sister ends up in jail, leaving Mayas nephew in the dreaded hands of Social Services.

To rescue her precious nephew, Maya throws away her home and her job and her disappearing boyfriend to start anew in her sisters home, where she settles in like an old pro, knowing how to slip away when the going gets rough and how to slip past the authorities when theyre not looking. Maya isnt precisely efficient so much as determined. With a little help from some friends, she establishes a school of her own, operates her sisters business,
and keeps her head above water, most of the time.

Until the day Axell Holm marches in the front door of her sisters shop, and shes too stunned to swim away. Axell is the towns golden boy, owner of a successful restaurant and bar, a handsome widower, a town councilman, everything any woman could wantexcept Maya, who is terrified of authority and detests the spoiled wealth he represents. But somewhere behind Axells proper facade lurks the curiosity of a little boy, and the craving for something hes never had, and that hidden boy appeals to Mayas instinct to love and nurture. Except Axell is all man, and no child at all, and he wants to destroy her school for the sake of ticky-tacky little boxes.

For his part, Axell is overwhelmed by the kaleidoscopic sights and sensations swirling around the wonderfully wacky schoolteacher. Hes lived in a sterile world of black and white for so long that Mayas purple-streaked hair,
crystals and prisms, and fire-eating dragons blast him down a rabbit hole he didnt know existed. But our man Axell learns quickly and is fast on his feet once he discovers the way things flow. To save his daughter, hell rescue her teacher from collapsing buildings, deliver babies during floods, and even marry the gypsy, if thats what it takes to keep love and laughter in his life.

What he doesnt count on is falling head over heels for his amazing wife and entering her world where trouble lurks around every corner, and hes forced to become the gallant knight he never imagined he could be.

Isnt that what living and loving are about? Becoming more than we are for the sake of the ones we love? Stretching our wings and soaring, secure in the knowledge that someone back on earth is waiting for us with every confidence that well succeed? I do adore romances ability to show us those wonderful moments, and I hope you and yours are given the opportunity to experience them for yourselves.

I wont, however, wish Mayas brand of chaos on anyone!

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