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Katie MacAlister

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Great Bullocks of Fire!

Buckingham Palace Watch Out! Blazing Star Katie MacAlister Is on the Rise

Katie MacAlister may hail from the Pacific Northwest, but she deserves honorary citizenship from Parliament. The incredibly prolific Dorchester author, who has sold 12 novels in 18 months, pens historicals (her Regency-set NOBLE DESTINY, the second in a series, will be released in May), contemporary romance (her first adult CR, IMPROPER ENGLISH, comes out this month) and YA fiction (THE YEAR MY LIFE WENT DOWN THE LOO will kick off Dorchester's YA series line, SMOOCH, in the fall)—all of which take place in merry ole (or new) England. (Luckily, Katie has fast fingers; she often writes an entire novel in a month.)

In fact, this dyed-in-the-wool Anglophile is launching her own kind of British invasion with more historicals and YA fiction, along with a paranormal novel for Love Spell, saucily titled A GIRL'S GUIDE TO VAMPIRES, that will hit shelves in September. This last one takes place in the Czech Republic (though the hero is English), then it's back to the U.K. for a women's fiction title, MEN IN KILTS, about an American mystery writer who meets a Scottish sheepfarmer at a convention in Manchester and, according to the author, "immediately shacks up with him and must start adapting to life in the rural highlands of Scotland." MacAlister adds that this novel, for NAL, should be out in early 2004, and she's just finished another WF novel, THE CORSET DIARIES, set in—you guessed it—England. "When I was 20, I lived in London for a year, working at Harrods and more or less immersed myself in the country," the author explains. "I can honestly say the year I spent there changed my life—now I'm a dedicated Anglophile, madly in love with London, the British people and all of the British Isles."

Additionally, MacAlister plans to return to her first love, mysteries. She published her first novel, a historical suspense titled The Lion's Shadow, with Avid Books in 1999 under her real name, Marthe Arends, and plans to rework that now out-of-print release to launch a new series starring 19th-century British suffragette Cassandra Whitney.

So aside from flying the Union Jack, what do all MacAlister's releases have in common? Humor, with a capital H. Her screwball characters frequently stumble into embarrassing situations, leaving utter destruction in their wake. The heroine of last year's Noble Intentions, who innocently managed to torch a duchess' parlor curtains, was called a "psycho arsonist" by one reviewer, and the heroine of Improper English, Alexandra Freemar, has similar trouble playing with fire—she sets her waist-length hair ablaze in a madcap dinner scene in chapter three, for starters. From drapery to hair to the publishing industry, there seems to be no doubt about it—Katie MacAlister's career is on fire.

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