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Debra Webb

Book Title: IMPULSE
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Author's Message

Impulse, the second novel in the Faces of Evil series, firmly cemented Jess Harris and Dan Burnett as Birmingham, Alabama’s hottest heroes. They also managed to steal a big chuck of my heart. Jess is a real woman with real issues. She’s forty-two and is feeling the unkind side of growing older in a world where youth and beauty mean everything. She has put her career ahead of everything else in her life including having a family. That, too, is weighing heavily on her. But she has a job to do. She is the Birmingham Police Department’s newest deputy chief.

With Impulse it was necessary to take the Faces of Evil to the next level. I wanted to showcase depravity in one of its most heinous forms. This particular evil is one Jess knows well. In fact, he is the one who ruined her career with the Bureau. His name is Eric Spears and he is known as the Player. He is brilliant and handsome and pure evil. He will stop at nothing to have what he desires. He wants Jess. Something about her tantalizes him in a way that nothing else or no one has before. If you’re a fan of True Blood, you know just how much Russell Edgington wants to suck Sookie’s blood, well that’s about where we’re at with how badly Eric Spears wants Jess Harris.

The Player has murdered dozens of women and no one has ever been able to catch him. No one even got close until Jess did. But getting that close cost her something she wasn’t even aware she’d paid. The Player smelled her scent…even dared to touch her skin and then he was besotted with the one woman who understood what he was…the one woman he could not have. But that doesn’t stop him from trying. He will not let her go until one of them is dead.

The dictionary defines an Impulse as the sudden, strong urge or desire to act. The Player struggles with his Impulses until he either masters the urge or the desire masters him. Either way, in his opinion, he’s a winner.

With Impulse we took a big leap forward to the most depraved of killers, the torture-murderer. But not to worry, there are all kinds of evil in between those who get a little obsessed and cross that line into the dark side and those who lunge across it the way the Player did. It only takes a second. Just one, single second to strike—to act on that Impulse and the line is crossed. The only question that remains is, if you can’t save yourself, how far you will plummet into the depths of evil?

Impulse also solidifies Detectives Lori Wells and Chet Harper as a couple to watch as the next ten installments in the series play out.

- Debra Web

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