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To save me from the fate of having nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs between the publication of my long historicals, Berkley has very kindly agreed to publish a series of my Regency historicals. So begins a dream come true-a chance to write Regencies in the longer format and with the greater latitude of the historical. Not that I have ever recognized any stringent boundaries even in my shorter, apparently more traditional Regencies!

The series has been planned as a connected set of stories bound together by the persons of four male friends who fought together as cavalry officers in the Napoleonic Wars. I've signed a contract for three books, but there are four friends-and one of them has a twin brother who may be worthy of a story of his own. So who knows?

Indiscreet begins the series with the story of Rex Adams, Viscount Rawleigh. At the beginning of the book he and two of his friends are arriving at his brother's house for a few weeks' stay. He expects to be bored and decides to alleviate his boredom by indulging in an affair with an attractive widow who, mistaking him for his twin, smiled and curtsied to him as he passed through the village. Mrs. Catherine Winters, however, is a virtuous woman, and only the unpardonably indiscreet behavior of Rex can bring them together in what promises to be an unhappy union.

Those readers who know my books will realize that my characters are not nearly as uncomplicated as they may appear from this brief introduction to the story. Rex is not simply a rake; Catherine is not simply a widow. Rex has a past (what self-respecting Regency gentleman does not?) about which we learn quite early in the book. Catherine has a more mysterious, far more murky past, which unravels more slowly as the story proceeds. And somehow, though they have never met before, their pasts are connected. Both their lives have been blighted by the villainies of the same man. Rex takes his bride to London despite her protests that she can never return there. The past, they both finally realize, must be confronted and resolved before either the present or the future can be lived with any degree of happiness-or with any hope that their feelings for each other will deepen into love.

I hope readers will find the series as exciting to read as I am finding it to write. And I hope they will love the cover Berkley has given the first book as much as I do. It should be easy to guess whose story will be next. At the end of Indiscreet, he announces to the other three that he has to return to his home in Cornwall in a hurry as he is to be a father in six months time-by a woman he thoroughly dislikes and from whose family his own has been long estranged. I found the idea intriguing, anyway! UNFORGIVEN (the book's tentative title) will probably be published in January 1998.

Do feel free to write me at Box 571, Kipling, Saskatchewan, Canada S0G 2S0.

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