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Reminiscent of a farce by the 17th-century French playwright Moliére, Kasey Michaels' eagerly awaited debut with Warner Books, INDISCREET, sparkles with wit, dash and lighthearted gaiety. As Kasey herself explained, "It's a drawing room comedy [featuring] my favorite heroine of all time."

"Sophie Winstead is adorable," Kasey continued, "I made her up and she told me what she would do." Her hero, Bramwell Seaton, Ninth Duke of Selbourne, is equally winsome. "Hes a guy whose father embarrassed the family dreadfully and he goes overboard to do everything properly to make up for it."

As for the inspiration for INDISCREET's delicious romp, Kasey responded, "I just get the ideas from everywhere and nowhere. I really have no idea where they come from, I just write them up and my editor calls and tells me what a great, interesting take Ive done on this or that theme."

Over the years, her historicals have touched on almost every aspect of the Regency period, from lighthearted comedies like INDISCREET to "incredibly dark stories such as The Legacy of the Rose." Kasey says the Regency period allows a writer great flexibility. "The Regency was a lot like the '60s for us—a lot of drugs and a lot of change."

Yet like all historical writing, it presents a research challenge which Kasey relishes. "The trick with fiction is to make it seem new and exciting," she says. "A good historical writer has the reader wishing that they could have that life." While Kasey is known for her historical Regencies, she also enjoys the challenge of doing something different. "I like to change what I'm doing every once in a while to keep myself from going stale." Those changes include a recent trilogy of books set in her own hometown of Whitehall, Pennsylvania, during the colonial period as well as contemporaries for several of the Silhouette lines.

Kasey intended to take a break from writing this summer. "I had lists for everything," she says. "But a little more than a week into my vacation, my husband asked me, 'Would you please go back to work?' I was making them all crazy, and I gladly went running back upstairs to my computer."

Raising four children, Kasey "spent the first 10 years writing at night, after I put everyone to bed, because that was the only way I could get uninterrupted creative time. Of course, the next day I would walk around like a zombie. The important thing is to learn to improvise and make do with your circumstances."

Sometimes those real-life improvisations become material for a story. Kasey recalled a time when her youngest daughter, now 20, was a toddler. While on an extended phone call to one of her editors, Kasey pulled a box of Rice Krispies cereal from the cupboard and gave it to her daughter, who proceeded to sprinkle it all over the house. "It kept her amused, and afterwards, we had fun sucking all the cereal up into the vacuum," chuckles Kasey. Years later, much to her daughter's chagrin, Kasey used the episode in one of her Silhouette books.

It was writing about her oldest son's first kidney transplant (he eventually had two) that got Kasey published in the romance field. She had already written her first romance—a Regency. "I sent it to Avon because everyone did at that time, after The Flame and the Flower (by Kathleen Woodiwiss). After a while, I received a rejection. Then I decided to write the book on my son's kidney transplant, but because of my first experience I got an agent along the way." Her agent later wound up selling that original Regency romance to—pause for the punchline—Avon.

"The first thing you need is a healthy ego," Kasey notes about a writing career. Aside from that, Kasey just writes from the heart. "Everything goes in cycles. If you can't anticipate those cycles—and who really can—then you write the book you want to write," she says.

"I particularly enjoy writing the lighthearted ones," she continues, such as INDISCREET. "The beauty of romance is that the reader knows it is going to end happily, yet still reads it because the writing is so fresh."

For Kasey, the greatest reward is when readers "get toward the end and they don't want the book to be over. And when it is, they give the book a happy pat of satisfaction. I like to think all my books get such a happy pat."

They do, Kasey! They do!

Readers can write to Kasey Michaels c/o Warner Books, 1271 Sixth Ave., 9th Floor, New York, NY 10020.

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