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People often ask me where I get my inspiration. Is it living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest? Is it the fact I was born to write novels? I could easily claim yes to both. I certainly love writing and being part of the publishing world. The bottom line: I get all the inspiration I need from two house payments.

Still, when it came time for me to leave the Cedar Cove series behind, I’ll admit I needed more than that. I was looking for something fresh and different. A series without the huge cast that emerged from my fourteen Cedar Cove books. (I have a feeling Cecil B. DeMille would have loved producing a big screen, epic Cedar Cove movie.)

I was prepared for my readers to express disapproval about my leaving the town behind, but I was shocked by their outcry. So my readers and I reached a simple compromise. I would write a new series, the Rose Harbor books, set in Cedar Cove, but the stories would revolve around the guests who come to stay at the Inn. (Guests, by the way, who come and go.)

The plot premise is simple. Jo Marie Rose is a young war widow. Her husband, Paul, was killed in Afghanistan — although his body has yet to be recovered. She's purchased the Inn at Rose Harbor and is ready to build a new life for herself. She continues to grieve, and her loss is profound, but as she comes to the Inn she realizes this will be a place of healing, for her and for all who come to stay. Her guests check into the Rose Harbor Inn burdened and heavy of heart, but over the course of their stay, they find hope and optimism, and most profound of all, healing.

As with all my books, there's a part of me in the title. I named the Inn at Rose Harbor after my mother, whose name was Rose. She was named after the grandmother she never knew. I named my oldest daughter, Jody Rose, after my mother, and my granddaughter is named Madeleine Rose. So you can see the name Rose has a deep tradition in our family.

When my mother died in 2005, many of my friends gave me rose bushes in memory of her. At our Port Orchard home there is a small rose garden in her honor. I know she'd be proud to learn that I've named my new series after her.

So I hope you’ll join me at the Rose Harbor Inn. Check in date is August 14. The view is great, overlooking the cove, with the snow-capped Olympic mountains in the distance. You'll not only meet Jo Marie, the grieving widow, but also Mark, the prickly handyman she hires, who becomes a friend. There’s a special dog from the local animal shelter named Rover. He's found a home now. So has Jo Marie. My hope is that you'll feel right at home, too.

- Debbie Macomber

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