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I just love Alpha heroes. The tougher, the colder, the more ruthless, the better. Why? Because then they have that much further to fall. And oh, what fun it is to watch them fallhard and fastfor the heroine!

Ive been wanting to write an Alpha guy for quite awhile and thats why with Jarrod Stone, the eldest brother in my Four Brides For Four Brothers series, I really let er rip. Hes a millionaire oil baron on a mission. Hes powerful, cunning, handsome, and so high-handed that he kidnaps my heroine off the street and holds her hostage in the lap of luxury until he gets what he wants.

Heres her first impression of him:

Mother above, shed envisioned him fat and beady-eyed with a cane and gold rings. Shed not realized he looked like thisthat a man that looked like this walked her world at all. He was dressed completely in black, a specter of a man who dwarfed her with his mere shadow. His body, hard and unforgiving with the promise of rigidly suppressed power, stood at least six feet tall. He had raven hair, a serious mouth, and a suit that had probably cost half her yearly income.

She imagined him, suddenly, standing with his legs braced apart on the front steps of his marble mansion, ripping thousand dollar bills to shreds, and feeding them to twin wolves snapping and growling at his feet. Wolves of white with arresting green eyes identical to their masters.

I had such a ball writing Jarrod Stone in all his glorious shades of anger, determination, loyalty, desire, and sadness. When I finally found the goodness underneath, it was like biting into a chocolate truffle. The hard outside made the delicious stuff on the inside all the sweeter.

Ahhh, those Alpha men

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Jarrod. Sophias heart did a crazy thump bang. Wildly clashing emotions all jostled for supremacy within her.

He was hard to see, leaning against the wall at the far end of the corridor. Curtains had been closed over the window there, leaving a black niche for him, in all his black, with his black hair, and black heart to wait in.

So why was excitement the emotion that won out over the others? It practically stole her breath. I didnt see you there, she said.


Hhow long have you been waiting?


Something was altered about him today. She sensed a rawness in him. A dissatisfaction prowling for prey. Perhaps shed better return to her room. She sidled toward the open door.

If you flee in there, Ill follow, he said, stilling her in her tracks. I have a key, remember?

She smiled crisply. Then I suppose Ill take my chances out here in the hall.

Wise decision. He walked toward her, all towering charisma and devastating good looks.

She resisted the urge to fidget.

I want my kiss, he said.

Her throat tightened convulsively with a mix of fear and thrill. She eased against the wall, instinctively seeking protection. What kiss?

Youre in my home. And Ive time on my hands. He closed in on her. Am I the only one who remembers the discussion we had last night?

Apparently, because I replied to you that I would not be indulging in

He planted both palms onto the wall above her head, caging her.

She tried to swallow down a bean-sized throat. When that failed, she reflexively licked her lips. kisses with you again.

Sophie, he chastised. His grin was lopsided, but it wasnt innocent. No, that smile was wicked, and it made her pine for wicked things.

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