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To appease the hardened warrior Lord Eric of Shanekill (known as The Irish Devil), the rulers decide to give him land and one of Lord Terras daughters hand in marriage. There is the shrew, Margaret, the ill-kempt Teresa or selfish Claire to choose from.

But when he asks for a healer, Faith, Lord Terras fourth daughter, is sent to him. Years ago, Faith was brutally assaulted, left scarred and rumored to have been raped. Since then shes been banished from the family. But there is nothing abhorrent about Faith to Eric, and he takes her as his wife.

The journey to his home is lengthened by the many times Faith stops to help others. But will she be able to help herself to heal and allow herself to trust in Eric and the chance at love?

This Cinderella story will endear itself to readers longing for a richly textured medieval romance centering on unique characters. Everyone will be looking for more to love in Ms. Fletchers Irish Eyes Series. SENSUAL (Mar., 380 pp., $6.50)

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