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For the first time since its launch in July 2006, a Kimani Romance series novel
has made it onto the New York Times
bestseller list. Irresistible Forces -- Kimani Romance #89 -- by Brenda Jackson hit the extended list at No. 34 in April. The book marks Jackson's first time on the list. It's also believed to be the first time that an African-American romance author has made the list with a strictly traditional romance novel.

"It feels wonderful because I didn't expect it," says Jackson. "But I think it sets the tone for what can be for others. I was blessed that it happened to me, and I think it opens the way for other authors to see that it can happen to a romance author, that there are readers out there who love romance stories."

So what was it about Irresistible Forces, the story of a woman who wants
a baby without the trappings of a relationship and ultimately discovers love, that appealed to readers? Jackson admits she doesn't know for sure. "I've been trying to wrack my brains to figure out what about this book made it so popular. It's a romance novel in its true form, with a happy ending. A series book that made the New York Times is to me very monumental."

It may have been monumental, but Jackson admits she couldn't celebrate immediately. "I was on deadline when I heard and finished the book that night, so I didn't celebrate until two days later. My husband and I went out
to dinner and had a wonderful time."

And the good news doesn't end there. Kimani just signed the author, who recently retired from her insurance company job of almost 37 years, to a five-year contract that will see Jackson branch out into single-title women's fiction
for Kimani. In addition, she just signed a deal for more Silhouette Desire books. Both deals ensure the author remains with the Harlequin family.

Says Jackson, "The timing was perfect, the book deal was more than I expected. ... I'm happy all my books are in one place, and I'm happy to have such a wonderful home for all my books."

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