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Island Flame

Initially, I had no intention of writing a third Hawaiian book when I revisited the Hawaiian islands in February of 1993. I had already done two books (Zebra Heartfire's Hawaiian Caress and Hawaiian Temptress) set in the Sandwich Islands. Yet, once again seduced by the islands' spell, I fell victim to the spirit of aloha.

Everywhere I went, I was bombarded with Hawaiiana-it was even in the bookstores where I signed my Zebra Heartfire Midnight Lovestorm as Linda Windsor and Pinnacle Historical Wild Tory Rose as Linda Covington. I soaked up the native lore like a sponge, but the final straw came when I spied a chamber pot in a Honolulu museum.

That's right-a chamber pot! At first I thought it was a clay bowl decorated with shells, but closer inspection revealed the pot to be embedded with human teeth! I learned that the ancient Hawaiians pulled their enemies' teeth and put them in refuse containers as the ultimate insult. I pictured a prim English heroine approaching the dubious amenity-and ISLAND FLAME was kindled right there.

Noreen Kathleen Doherty became that young heroine. Accompanied by her guardian, Nora Kate travels to Hawaii with the intention of bringing the half-breed grandson of an English nobleman home to claim his rightful place in society. After her guardian is washed overboard she must carry out the mission alone. Unwittingly she walks into a charade designed by our hero to send the representative from London speeding back on the next boat! The formidable tooth inlaid chamber pot is just the beginning of cultural shocks for the young woman, although the situation is reversed when our hero travels to her home in London.

As a help to the readers, I've included a glossary of Hawaiian terms and pronunciations because, beautiful as the language is to the ear, it plays the devil with the eye and tongue!

May you also fall victim to the spirit of aloha.

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