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Jackson Rule

Someone once told me it was impossible to make a believable hero out of a man who had done time for murder. Since I like a challenge, and the word impossible is not in my vocabulary, I felt obligated to prove that someone wrong.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, what happened to Jackson Rule-the experience that led him to do what he did-happens to thousands of children daily all over the world. As a parent, and now a grandparent, I cannot tell you the depth of despair I feel when I learn of the suffering of a child. Sometimes at night my dreams are haunted by media broadcasts of abuse, incest and murder. I wonder through it all where justice has gone, and who is left to protect the child. I think somewhere within my empathy for them all, the idea of Jackson Rule took root.

I felt strongly about this story from the moment it began and am proud of what I've done. I did not sugarcoat my ex-con hero. I didn't have to. The man he truly was shone through. He hurt. He was angry. He refused to care...except for his sister, Molly.

Jackson's unwavering devotion to his sister helped him get through his years in prison. Because of her, he was determined to re-establish himself within society, so that he could help her. He loved Molly. He didn't think he had room in his heart for anyone else. But that was before he met a preacher's daughter named Rebecca Hill.

Rebecca did something for Jackson that no one else had seen fit to do. She gave him a job. If that wasn't enough, she gave him her trust. He didn't want to care. He didn't want to owe anyone anything. But he didn't have a chance. He lost his heart to Rebecca Hill, and in the process, found salvation.

There is nothing else I can say to my readers except, read the book and you'll see. The man and his story are too complex to explain in this small space. Suffice it to say, I have never been prouder of anything I've written than I am of Jackson Rule.

I didn't write it to shock, but so that we will remember. Remember the children. Remember that if we see injustice and then look away, we are as guilty as the one who dealt the blow. But most of all, remember that love heals the worst of wound and the bitterest of hearts.

Here's a short excerpt:

The impact of his lips upon hers staggered them both. Rebecca groaned and wrapped her arms more tightly around his neck as he pursued the kiss. When her mouth parted beneath his and she let him come in, he felt the room tilting.

Blood pounded through his body in a blinding roar, blocking out all sense and sound, save that of the woman in his arms.

He heard her soft gasps for air when they moved apart. Then he felt her hands moving urgently across his back and up his neck, trying to pull him closer. Tracing the pulse in her neck with the tip of his tongue, he groaned, then began covering her entire body with kisses.

It was all too much...and yet not nearly enough.

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