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One of the best things about being a writer is indulging my curiosity, aka doing research. Not only do I have an excuse to cruise the Internet and buy books, but I get to talk to some fascinating people. For my Tall, Dark & Eligible series, I spoke with a therapist about psychotic disorders and a female minister about women in the clergy. Two ex-soldiers set me straight on weapons and fighting, and a former equine competitor got me on-track about horses and eventing.

As you can tell, each book of Tall, Dark & Eligible is distinct. Each tells the story of one of the West brothers, and what happens when these oh-so-reluctant men have to get married.

First up is JACOB'S PROPOSAL in October. When Jacob West loses one prospective fiancie, he sets his sights on a new one with the decisiveness of a man used to winning the business wars. But Claire, a shady lady with a scandalous past is the last woman he ought to want. JACOB'S PROPOSAL has a stalker, a secretary with tattoos and a cat with attitudenot to mention a man who resists love as desperately as he needs it.

The woman Jacob lost becomes his brothers bride in Novembers book,
LUKE'S PROMISE. Luke and Maggie go way backas friends. They arent about to risk their hearts on the chance that Luke is capable of the forever after that Maggie cravesbut love doesnt play the odds.

In December, MICHAEL'S TEMPTATION sends the youngest and wildest of the West brothers on a Special Forces assignment after he contracts a hasty engagement. While on the run from opposing armies, Michael finds the woman he really wants!

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