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R.C. Ryan

Book Title: JAKE
Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Author's Message

Dear Reader,

What a tough life I lead.  Forced to sit at my computer for hours on end, dreaming about tall, dark, sexy cowboys. Or more specifically — Jake.  If you haven't read about him in his brothers' books, Quinn and Josh, then you don't know about their younger brother, Jake, considered the most eligible bachelor in Wyoming. Jake, a veterinarian and rancher, is every writer's joy, as well as every woman's dream man. He's fun and funny, deliciously sexy, but also kind to animals and children, and ready to stand and fight for those who need him.

I spend my days writing about my fantasy world, a world of wide open spaces, ranches owned by families like yours and mine, who work hard, play with abandon, and love deeply.

Oh, and did I mention suspense? In my world, danger lurks around every bend in the river. Jake, and Meg Stanford, the woman who wins his heart, must stand together and fight for their very lives. There were times when I just didn't know if they would survive. What was worse, I wasn't sure they would find their happy ending. Too many differences between them, and lifestyles that were miles apart.  

I had such fun watching these two peel away the layers to discover that they were meant to be together, even though their instincts told them otherwise. 

As I said, a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

And now back to work. So many sexy cowboys. So little time.

Happy reading, my dear friends.

R. C. Ryan

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