Message From The Author

Lori Foster

Book Title: JAMIE
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

Jamie (June, Zebra) places a formerly peripheral character center stage—with an extrasensory twist. Mountain man Jamie, who has used his psychic powers to help the "average" leading characters in four other books by Foster, is in danger himself and must turn to them for help. Plus, there's an inscrutable, delectable woman involved.

"For part of the book, Jamie isn't sure if Faith is there to save him or help destroy him," Foster says. "He can read people as clear as a book, but somehow Faith has learned to compartmentalize her thoughts, showing him only the images she wants him to see."

Jamie's suspicions are further aroused when he learns that Faith worked at the Farmington Research Institute, "a fictitious name for an actual place I uncovered in my research," where Jamie's psychic abilities were tested.

"Once I started researching Jamie's ability and discovered so many details about the government and the military's use of mind powers, I felt vindicated," Foster says, citing the website as a good source for those who share her fascination with psychic phenomena.—Liz French

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