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Susan Mallery

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Kids are great, right? Except… when it comes to romance, kids make everything more important. It’s one thing to risk your heart when you’re the only one who could be hurt. It’s quite another if your child’s happiness is on the line. No loving mother wants to cause her child pain.

In Just One Kiss, the latest Fool’s Gold romance, Patience McGraw is a single mom who finds herself falling for bodyguard trainer Justice Garrett . . . again. When they were teenagers, Patience loved Justice with everything she was. On the day she finally worked up the courage to confess her feelings, he vanished. Disappeared without a trace. His house had obviously been emptied in a rush, and no one in Fool’s Gold ever knew what had happened to him. For years, she thought about him and wondered. Where was he? Was he safe? Did he ever think about her?

As Just One Kiss begins, Justice is back, a man now, and more handsome than ever. He makes Patience’s grown-up heart race just as her teen heart did when they were young. But she can’t simply follow her heart this time, because this time she has to worry about her daughter, too. What if she allows Justice back into her life – into her daughter’s life – and he disappears again?

What if her daughter’s heart is broken this time?

I admire moms who put their children’s needs ahead of their own, and I was very moved while writing Patience’s struggle to balance what her heart wants with what’s best for her little girl. Can she trust Justice to commit not just to her, but to being a dad?

- Susan Mallery

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