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Barbara Freethy

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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"Daddy, did you ever love Mommy?"

Allison Tucker caught her breath at the simple, heartfelt question that had come from her eight-year-old daughter's lips. She took a step back from the doorway and leaned against the wall, her heart racing in anticipation of the answer. She'd thought she'd explained the separation to her daughter, but Megan still had questions

Sam cleared his throat, obviously stalling for time, and for the life of her, Alli couldn't move away. She hadn't intended to eavesdrop, but when she'd arrived to pick Megan up after her weekend with her father, she had been caught by the cozy scene in the family room. Sam sat in the brown leather reclining chair looking endearingly handsome in his faded blue jeans and navy blue rugby shirt. Megan was on his lap, her blond hair a mess in mismatched braids, her clothes exactly the same as Sam's, faded blue jeans and a navy-blue t-shirt. Megan adored dressing like her father.

"Did you, Daddy? Did you ever love Mommy?" Megan persisted. Answer the question, Sam. Tell her you never really loved me, that you only married me because I was pregnant, that your heart still belongs tomy sister.

Alli held her breath, waiting for Sam's answer, knowing the bitter truth, but wondering, hopelessly, impossibly wondering

"I love your mother very muchfor giving me you," Sam replied.

Alli closed her eyes against a rush of emotion. It wasn't an answer, but an evasion. And it was the realization that despite years of trying to be the best wife, the best mother, the best woman she could be, Sam still loved Tessa, had driven Alli to do the unthinkableto ask for a separation.

Sam had been shocked, and no wonder. She'd chased after him forever. But no more. She couldn't keep loving someone who didn't love her back.
Could she?

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