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Kathleen Kane

Genre: Historical Romance

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Well, I should never admit this in printbut writing these things is always so much harder for me than writing the book Im going to talk about.

JUST WEST OF HEAVEN, my August release from St. Martins, was such a fun book to write. The characters felt like old friends and it was a delight to spend so much time with them.

My heroine, Sophie Dolan, is just a little bit psychic. Actually, shes just psychic enough to know theres about to be big trouble in her life. Her little sister has been blessed with second sight. And to protect the girl from a man who wants to use her for his own purposes, Sophie grabs the
child and runs away. Soon, her face is on Wanted posters all over the west.

So falling in love with a Sheriff probably isnt the wisest move she could make. Ridge Hawkins, the Sheriff of Tanglewood, Nevada, is a man whos known both sides of the law. As a reformed outlaw, theres no one tougher on those who would break the rules. He sees only the black and white of the law. As far as hes concerned, there are no gray areas. Theres just right and wrong, period.

Until, of course, he meets Sophie. Then he discovers that when love is involved, all bets are off. To protect her and her little sister, Jenna, Ridge must turn his back on everything he believes in.

I hope you enjoy meeting Sophie and Ridge JUST WEST OF HEAVEN!

The next time youre out cruising the web, stop by my website, and say hello. Im constantly running give-aways and contests, so enter and take a chance. Also, I love to hear from readerse-mail me at or snail mail me at P.O. Box 1883, Westminster, Ca. 92684-1883.

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