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I realize that people think of me only as a historical writerafter the Cowboys and the Seven Brides series, probably only as a writer of western historicals. But Ive always wanted to write contemporaries. In fact, I wrote my first one about ten years ago. Everybody who read it loved itexcept the editors.

After a couple of false starts, I sold a proposal to Silhouette Special Edition, and JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED will hit shelves this month.

Matt Dennis is a brilliant doctor, but being an orphan has made him incapable of believing in love. When hes assigned to a small town in Virginias Appalachian Mountains he feels his talents are being wasted, his career set back five years. When he finds out that his landlady is also the office manager of the county clinic, hes ready to go AWOL.

Liz Rawlins has come home to recover from a bad marriage and to bring up her two small children in an environment that reflects her own values. She immediately lumps Matt into the same category as her ex-husband, but her two children see something in the doctor and he quickly steps into the role of the father theyve lost. Before long Liz too realizes theres more to the doctor than she had suspected.

But the route to happiness is never easy. And when Matt is offered a dream job in Denver, it seems the road has come to a dead end. But the townspeople have taken to Matt and they dont want to let him go. Liz begins to wonder if its possible that she can be right and everybody else wrong.

Ive used a real town for my setting, one I used to visit every year while my in-laws were still alive and my children went there to camp. Ive changed the name and created my own characters, but wonderful little communities like this really do exist. I hope you like the people of Iron Springs. My next book will be set there too.

I love to hear from readers. If you write, I promise to answer. My address is P.O. Box 470761, Charlotte, NC 28226. An SASE would be appreciated.

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