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B.J. Daniels

Genre: Current Series Imprints, Harlequin Intrigue, Series

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Remember high school? Remember that one clique of girls? Some cliques are straight out of the movie Mean Girls.

For some, high school was the best time of their lives. We all know someone who is still living back in those glory days years later.

For others, those four years were the worst nightmare of their lives. Isn’t there some classmate from high school that you hope you never run into?

Either way, high school can have lasting affects even a dozen years later.

That was the inspiration for my October Harlequin Intrigue® title Justice at Cardwell Ranch, the highly anticipated sequel to Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch. For bad-boy Jordan Cardwell, high school was great–until his best friend committed suicide. Jordan has never believed his friend would do that. But what else could it have been? Murder?

That’s a mystery Deputy Marshal Liza Turner is determined to solve after Jordan takes the law into his own hands when he returns to the canyon for his high school reunion. His investigating what happened back in high school quickly leads to another classmate’s death–and Liza suspecting he did it.

The case brings back high school for both Jordan, who was popular, and Liza, who wasn’t. It also proves that some people never get over it.

The high school in Justice at Cardwell Ranch is small so there were only a handful of classmates who graduated that year. So they all know each other well and have established relationships.

I know because I graduated from a class of just over forty. Only six of us were from the small, isolated Montana town of West Yellowstone. We rode a bus from West Yellowstone to Ashton, Idaho to high school–a round trip of 130 miles a day. So we all got to know each other well. Fortunately there were no murders, but I’m sure we thought about it.

Meanwhile, back at Cardwell Ranch. Dana Cardwell is pregnant with twins–and confined to bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. Which means she is trapped there when her estranged sister Stacy shows up with a secret bundle–and trouble on her heels.

It was fun to find out what the Cardwell’s had been doing since Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch. Family dynamics can be a lot like high school ones it turns out in this return to the Gallatin Canyon.

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B.J. Daniels

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