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Cindy Dees

Genre: Silhouette Bombshell, Series

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There's no doubt that romantic suspense author Cindy Dees has Killer Instinct. The title of her fourth release aptly applies to her knack for cutting-edge stories and realistic characters.

An Air Force pilot through the mid-90s, Dees wrote Killer Instinct 15 years ago. "I wrote it on a one-dollar dare from my mother to see if I could finish a book," she says. Though Dees won the bet, she couldn't find a home for the book until Silhouette launched its new Bombshell line. "It had too much action for romance lines and too much romance for suspense lines," she explains.

But the story itself has another source of inspiration other than mom. At the time, Dees was working with a man who'd been a sniper in Vietnam. "One day he just disappeared and no one would tell me where," she says. It turned out that her colleague periodically retreated to deal with his past. "All military snipers at some time face their conscience and have to come to grips with the fact that they've been killing people for a living."

For Killer Instinct, Dees "traced that journey that the sniper told me about, the beginning of the journey, becoming a killer, and the end, becoming human again." Her character, former Special Forces agent Amanda McClintock, takes that path. Knowing she's losing her ability to kill, Amanda wants to step down. But her corporate employer needs her for one last mission—to trace a ring of artificial diamond smugglers. To get her through this assignment the client pairs her with criminal psychologist Taylor Roberts, a man who's never been in the field. The adventure leads them to remote Siberia—a hot spot for artificial diamond production. The area, Dees says, is riddled with mafia wars over who's going to control artificial diamond production for the technology industry.

In addition to her latest romantic suspense, Dees' ongoing Charlie Squad series for Silhouette Intimate Moments follows an active-duty Special Forces team, and her February 2005 Bombshell, The Medusa Project, launches a six-book series about the first all-female Special Forces team. It's no accident that this subject has become Dees' signature. "When I flew C-5 cargo planes, which are big enough to accommodate eight Greyhound buses, I flew a lot of Special Forces and often wondered what it would be like to be one of them," she explains.

But are there really women in Special Forces? "None that the military can admit exist," Dees says. "I'm fairly certain they're out there." Knowing that Dees had to wait seven years for her White House security clearance to expire before she could publish, her suspicions just might be valid.

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