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Kiss an Angel

Daisy Devreaux had forgotten her bridegroom's name. "I, Theodosia, take thee..."

She risked a sideways peek at this bridegroom her father's money had bought for her. A studmuffin. A very scary studmuffin with his towering height, lean, whipcord build and those eerie amber eyes...

Do you love marriage-of-convenience books as much as I do? I've been wanting to write one for years, but it's a tough concept for a writer of contemporary romance to carry off believably, and I wasn't satisfied I could do it until I got to know Daisy Devreaux and Alex Markov.

I can't imagine a more unlikely couple. She's sweet, frivolous and a bit of a scatterbrain. He's stern, silent, gorgeous and determined to tame his new bride. (Ha!) The two of them strike explosive sparks within moments of their wedding ceremony, and things only get worse when Daisy discovers her new husband is the manager of a run-down traveling circus.

As a woman who's been brought up with the best of everything, she isn't prepared to share a dilapidated trailer with anyone, especially a hard-eyed stranger who keeps a collection of whips under the bed! She grows convinced that Alex is something more that he appears, but, as usual, he isn't talking.

Although kiss an angel is a contemporary romance, I'm encouraging historical readers to give it a try because it contains so many of the elements I know historical readers love: a marriage of convenience, a spunky heroine and a tough-guy hero who's the "lord" of his own feudal kingdom.

Writing a silent, brooding hero like Alex Markov after having created the irrepressible Bobby Tom Denton in Heaven, Texas, was a wonderful challenge for me. I'm not certain which of these two men I grew to love more.

As many of you know, It Had to be You, the romantic comedy I wrote just before Heaven, Texas, was named the Favorite Book of the Year by Romance Writers of America last July. When the award was being announced in Honolulu, I was visiting my mother in Florida. Carrie Feron, my editor, called with the thrilling news at four o'clock in the morning. Needless to say, I didn't go back to sleep!

Please let me know how you like kiss an angel. I will be happy to send an autographed copy of the book's beautiful cover in its original version to the first 75 readers who request it. Send your name and address to: Susan Elizabeth Phillips, P.O. Box 3003, Naperville, Illinois, 60566-0043.

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