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When people talk about the power of love, it doesn't usually extend to the ability to read minds and control nature. But in Mary Jo Putney's new Ballantine hardcover, A Kiss of Fate, those abilities are awakened in young widow Lady Brecon when Scotsman Duncan Macrae falls for her.

Set in 18th-century England, the novel marks Putney's return to historical romances, where the Baltimore resident began her career 17 years ago, but A Kiss of Fate also has something new for Putney—a fantasy element. It's the first novel in her new Guardian series, and Putney planted the seed for the series in a short story she wrote for February's Irresistible Forces (NAL) anthology, "The Alchemical Marriage."

The Guardians are descendants of ancient families who have great magical powers. "[They] are sworn to do their best to preserve mankind from its worst impulses," Putney says. "Since Guardians are human themselves, they make mistakes, but they do try their best. The tension between duty and love will be a running theme in these stories."

Putney is currently working on the second Guardian book, which will bump a secondary character from Kiss of Fate into the hero role. Look for it next summer.

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