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What do you really know about fairies? They are tiny, butterfly creatures that grant wishes and love to dance. Well, the fey do love to dance, and some of them are diminutive with butterfly wings, and some even grant wishes.

But you better watch what you wish for, because the fey are more dangerous than any genie you will ever read about. There are categories of fairie that like nothing better than to harm, or even kill, humans. Red caps earned their name from dipping their hats in the fresh blood of their victims. Some of the fey are human-sized, or bigger. The sidhe, the high royalty of fairie, are so beautiful that humans have been known to drop to their knees and weep at the sight of them.

Now, that beauty may be illusion, not real at all; then again, it may be very real indeed. It may be a beauty that rides on magic wings, that dances in power over their bodies. In my world, a human that has intercourse with a sidhe may spend the rest of his or her life chasing after another taste of it. They become elf-struck, and fade and die for want of sidhe skin.

In KISS OF SHADOWS, beings once worshiped as gods are trying to find their way in a very modern America. Princess Meredith NicEssus, Merry, is in line to the throne at both high courts of fairie. She is under a death sentence at one court. Shes been in hiding, but now the dark minions of fairie have found her. Merry will find out that staying alive is a political game, but the scenery includes some of the most fantastical creatures to ever grace a nightmare, and some of the most beautiful men ever to come into your darkest, most sensual fantasies.

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