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Dear Readers,

This is ordinarily where Geralyn Dawson would tout her new book,
THE KISSING STARS. Instead, Im taking this opportunity to make a public plea
on behalf of Geralyns three children.
Im the middle kid, John.

For the most part, we like having
a mom whos an author. Over time,
my brother, sister and I have adapted
to the emotional ebb and flow of living with a creative person. Weve learned
that as deadlines approach, life is easier on everyone if we do our own laundry, arrange our own rides and supplement our pizza diet with takeout. We know
that once Mom submits that manuscript, shell reward us with sorted socks,
nonstop taxi service and all our home-cooked favorites.

However, sometimes its not easy being a writers child. Mom always visits the places she writes about, and she drags us along to every library and museum in the area. Overall, weve been good sports, but that changed when Mom decided to write THE KISSING STARS. The research trip to West Texas broke the camels back. (I use that clichi purposely because Mom put camels in her story, so we had to visit a camel farm.)

Mom was interested in the Marfa Lights, strange balls of fire that hover
over the far West Texas desert. While researching another story, shed read
how area ranchers reported seeing these spooklights in the 1880s, before
electricity or automobile headlights explained them away. Moms interest
was piqued, and she suggested we take
a research trip to Marfa.

We thought the trip sounded fun.
We felt like FBI agents off to investigate
an X-File. And Dad didnt mind going once Mom mentioned that Marfa
has a golf course. Like Dad says, how
often does one get to share a green with
an antelope?

But by the time we reached Abilene, Id heard all I cared to hear about her hero and heroine, Gabe and Tess, lovers reunited, and the laughter, tears and healing that occurs along their road
to everlasting love.

That sort of mushy stuff doesnt excite me, although my ears did perk up a bit when she began talking about her books eccentric cast of supporting characters. The actions of a pair of camels sounded funny, as did the character Twinkle
Star-bright, who thinks the spooklights communicate with the dead. The antics
of the young couple who believe theyll find the secret to fertility in the heroines West Texas canyon are a hoot, and
I especially got a kick out of hearing
about the villain. Its wild for a fella
to know his mom can conjure up
such evil.

Anyway, we arrived in Marfa without killing each other, although Mom did chuck the noisy electronic game out the window along about Odessa .

At sunset, we parked at the viewing area, and thats when things got ugly.
The West Texas plains are sometimes called the High Plains. Think altitude
and add in nonstop northerly wind.
Youll understand why temperatures
edge toward the cold side on a December night. This particular night, the temperature wasntjust cold, it was frigid.

When the sky lit up, Mombless
her this-is-educational heartmade us stand outside to watch the Marfa Mystery Lights perform. Yes, we saw the spooklights, dubbed the Kissing Stars by my sister, who said the lights looked like
they were kissing. It was neatfor about five minutes. Then my nose went numb, and the pig got loose from the car next
to ours, giving me a fit while giving Mom the idea for a character, Rosie, the fleet-footed pig who knocks the hero on his posterior in Chapter one.

Which brings me to my plea. Mom,
your children love you. But please
consider book settings with a little more pizzazz. Think amenities. Think warm. Think Hawaii. And if you ever decide
to take another research trip to West Texas in Decemberwell, the family
took a vote. You can go to Marfa, but were going to Disneyland.

Love, John (John Dawson, spokesperson for the Dawson kids!

You can write to Geralyn (and John!) at: P.O. Box 37126, Ft. Worth, TX 76117.

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