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From the desk of Jude Deveraux:

A new century, a new contract, and a brand new reissue of A KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR!

Dear Readers,

I have wanted to rewrite and reissue A KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR for many years; it was one of the first things I asked for when I negotiated new contracts with Pocket Books. Pocket agreed readily and I spent three months going over every sentence in the book. I felt that Ive learned some about writing since I wrote the book, and also, I wanted to tell the story behind the book, which is included in the new version.

As I was rereading KNIGHT, I was amazed at how many things had changed in the world since I was writing it. In a way, it seemed to be a double time travel. Nineteen eighty-eight, the contemporary time in the book, was before cell phones and the Internet. In 1988, people still dressed up when they went somewhere. My heroine was concerned that her English landlady wouldnt like that she and my hero werent married but were sharing a room.

Also, behavior that was acceptable in 1988 was not acceptable in 2001. I felt I needed to explain more fully why my heroine was with a jerk like the one she was hoping to marry. And the world has learned something about the childs side of a divorce since I wrote the book, so I softened my heroines reactions to her boyfriends daughter. The girl was no less conniving, but I think I made her a bit more understandable.

What makes KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR even more special for me, is knowing that 1200 copies of a speciall edition have been printed by my publisher, Pocket Books, to raise money for the Black Stallion Literacy
Project. All proceeds will be donated. These copies can be purchased online while supplies last at and

I hope my readers enjoy the new version. I think that people are going to be surprised, if not shocked, when they read about the underlying theme of the book.

Yours truly,

Jude Deveraux

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