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Dara Joy

Genre: Futuristic, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Knight of a Trillion Stars

A knight?

In my living room?

From beyond the stars?

As if getting fired from her job wasn't enough, now this!

Unbeknownst to my beleaguered heroine, Deana Jones is about to be taken on Mr. Toad's Wild Quest by a great hunk of an alien who calls himself Lorgin ta'al Krue. The knight is arrogant beyond belief and his swaggering lordliness makes her ill, but when he abducts Deana into his universe-well, that really makes her mad! Knights, wizards and familiars...oh my!

Lorgin reached under her cloak, his nimble fingers going to the fastening of her pants. She felt his other hand between them, unfastening his own.

"Wh-what are you doing?" she squeaked. "You can't be serious? Not here!"

"Put your legs up on the prautau's neck."

"No!" She was mortified.

"Very well, let us try it this way-" He lifted her onto his lap, smoothly hooking each of her legs over his own.

"You can't do it this way!"

In the next instant he proved to her he could...

He pushed her slightly forward, then pulled her back onto him. His hands firmly planted around her waist-he sunk into her. "My god!"

The only place skin touched skin was where they joined. Material slid against material; velvet stroked honey.

Initially, Lorgin let the pack animal 'set the pace'; its rolling, rocking gait proving more than sufficient movement. Deana gasped for breath as he surged into her with every step the prautau made. She felt Lorgin's hot lips on the back of her neck, the puffs of heated breath against her skin. He began working into the forward motion with every step the beast took. She was well aware of his powerful thigh muscles controlling the animal beneath him as well as his own erotic movements.

"I think I'm going to scream," she moaned...

Lorgin's low chuckle vibrated against her neck. "Scream all you like."


Unexpectedly, she augmented his movements, causing him to groan deep in his throat. His hands at her waist pulled her down, tight against him. He wasn't laughing now; he was quite focused. With a couple of incredibly sensuous moves, he took them both over the edge...

"Be warned, Little Fire. I always answer a challenge."

"Yes, I have noticed that about you," she murmured as his mouth once more covered her own...

Attention "Mystery Science Theater 3000" trivia fans! I liberally laced the book with fan-ish references. For example: What's the name of heroine Deana Jones a take off on? Send in as many references as you can (names, scenes, quotes)-the top five will receive an autographed copy. Please include an SASE. Dara Joy c/o Leisure Books, 276 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10001.

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