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Susan Donovan

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Guess it's true that time flies when you're having fun, if new author Susan Donovan's career is any indication.

"I was extremely lucky. I had only been writing a year when I got my first contract." The call came one evening in mid-May of 2001 from St. Martin's editor Monique Patterson. Problem was Susan only had a partial and Monique needed to see a whole manuscript. So amidst a summer of birthday parties, broken arms, freak thunderstorms and family vacations, Susan typed away. Within three short months, she had secured an agent, finished the manuscript and clinched a multibook deal from St. Martin's to write romantic comedies.

"I'd always told myself I'd write my first novel by the time
I was forty and I'd just turned 39 when I wrote the words 'Chapter One.' I'm pretty sure I was possessed from then on."

KNOCK ME OFF MY FEET sweeps into bookstores this month, starring soccer-playing 30-year-old Autumn Adams, who suddenly inherits her mother's domestic goddess empire (think Martha). As she tries to cope with her new predicament (Audie can't cook, can't clean—and don't talk to her about bathtub grout!), she also must contend with some threatening fan mail. Detective Stacey Quinn, a macho cop from Chicago's southside, is determined to turn her life upside down in order to find the stalker.
Next up for Susan, TAKE A CHANCE ON ME from St. Martin's
in August 2003, starring a disco-dancing hairless dog, a pet
psychiatrist and a hitman. If that isn't the perfect recipe for
trouble, what is?

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