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Angela Winters

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Even the most independent, secure woman can lose her confidence after being burned by a disastrous relationship. The process of healing can
be a tough, long one. This is what Jesse Grant faces in KNOW BY HEART. Falling in love with a mysterious stranger and finding herself embroiled in the murder investigation of a close friend doesnt help.

Jesse left Chicago for a job at a newspaper in Silicon Valley to start over. Working on a story that could catapult her career, her curious nature urges her to look into the apparent suicide of her friend. Jessie is convinced that her friend was murderedand that it has something to do with a new top-secret software product she was investigating. Jesse is determined to get confidential information on Cole Nicholson, the chief architect of the company piloting the software.

Cole Nicholson has a one-track mind. His new software product is going to make him a multi-millionaire and CEO of Netstyles Corporation. When secret documents for the product are stolen before it is complete, his dreams are threatened. Cole knows what people in Silicon Valley will do to be the first out with the next hot product. When he finds out the documents were stolen by a woman moments before she died, he has to wonder who he is dealing with.

Jesse and Cole clash from the start, but the attraction is immediate. Jesse believes that Cole is behind her friend's murder and Cole thinks Jesse has something to do with the documents stolen from his office. Can they follow their hearts to the truth?

I hope readers enjoy the mixture of romance and suspense in KNOW BY HEART. Visit my website at or e-mail me at

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