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Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Book Title: LADY BE GOOD
Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Lady Emma tugged on the strap of her bathing suit. What exactly do you mean? Somebody like me? Kenny could see that hed riled her, but, for the life of him, he couldnt understand why. Somebody respectable, for one thing. And conservative.

She rose from the water of his hot tub, and the expression on her face told him hed just been sent to the principal, and she was it. Ill have you know, Mr. Traveler, that Im the least conservative person youve ever met!

He started to laugh, then got distracted by the water trickling down her thighs. You dont say, he managed.

I am completely disreputable! Just look at me! Im in a hot tub with a man I didnt even know until a few hours ago.

You have your bathing suit on, he couldnt help but point out. She got rosy in the face, and the next thing he knew, she sank down in the bubbling water and started to tug. Within seconds, her bathing suit landed on the concrete with a soft plop. There! Dont you ever say Im conservative again!

He grinned. This was like taking candy from a baby.

Watch out Lady Emma, youre in way over your head! Then again, the good ole boy hero of LADY BE GOOD is about to learn a few lessons of his own. (Yes, Ive created another Texas athlete, and when you meet Kenny Traveler I think youll see why!)

All of you smart romance readers can see how this is going to unfold, now cant you? A sexy golf pro named Kenny Traveler, Lady Emma Wells-Finch, the oh-so-proper headmistress of an English girls school, a small Lone Star town and family complicationsmy very favorite kind of book!

If a Texas golf pro hero and an English heroine sound familiar, its no coincidence. LADY BE GOOD is a spin-off of my 1989 New York Times bestseller Fancy Pants. And yes, Dallie Beaudine and Francesca Day Beaudine, the hero and heroine of that book, make an appearance.

Gorgeous Kenny Traveler has a reputation as the PGAs bad boya little too rich, a little too spoiled, a little too handy with his fists. Unfortunately, his behavior has gotten him suspended from the pro tour. To be reinstated into the game he loves, he has to do one thingstay out of trouble!

Poor Kenny, this is a really bad time for him to get roped into chauffeuring the bossy, beautiful Lady Emma on her first visit to Texas. Why? Because the only way that the proper Lady Emma can avoid having everything she loves destroyed is by losing her reputation! So a rogue of a man who cant afford another scandal has gotten stuck with a very proper woman whos determined to cause one. (Envision me rubbing my hands together in glee over the keyboard!) If you enjoyed Heaven, Texas and Nobodys Baby But Mine, then LADY BE GOOD is just the book for you. Happy reading!

If you did not already receive a color postcard of the LADY BE GOOD cover, send me an SASE at P.O. Box 3003, Naperville, IL 60566-0443. And be sure to visit my website at

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