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Bobbi Smith

Genre: America, Historical Romance

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Lady Deception

Cody Jameson... Just the mention of the name sent chills down the spines of every sidewinder west of the Pecos. A master of disguise, a genius of deceit, the infamous bounty hunter always had the advantage over her prey, for no desperado knew Cody's real identity-or even suspected that the tracker stalking him was a fiery beauty.

And what fun Cody was to write about! Disguised as everything from a dancehall girl to a preacher woman, Cody fooled everyone. It was wonderful to have a heroine who was in charge of her own destiny and who could match wits with any man she met. Of course, our hero has to be special to handle this kind of woman, and believe me, Luke Majors is terrific. What a hunk! He's an ex-gunfighter trying to go straight after winning a ranch in a poker game, but fate conspires against him. He is mistaken for a member of the infamous El Diablo gang and is arrested for bank robbery and thrown in jail with some of the gang members.

Desperate to prove his innocence, he agrees to work with a Texas Ranger who is an old friend. Luke goes undercover with the gang to try to help capture the notorious El Diablo. When doubts about Luke's innocence arise, the Ranger hires Cody to track Luke down. Sparks fly as she tries to capture him and bring him in alive.

The concept for the book came from a discussion with Constance O'Banyon on women who were ahead of their times. I wanted to do a different angle, something fresh and new, and so was born the idea of featuring women in historicals who were doing jobs that were usually relegated to men. lady deception is the first, to be followed by The Lady's Hand, the story of a lady gambler, in December.

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