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Samantha Saxon

Genre: Historical Romance

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If experience is the lifeblood of good writing material, Samantha Saxon has enough stories for a lifetime. Growing up in England during the IRA bombings of the '70s made the young Saxon an early observer of human nature. "I have always been fascinated by people and their motives since [then]," she says, "not just the motives of the IRA, but also the contrast of the bombings as people went about their lives."

Saxon later became a Middle Eastern Studies major but exchanged her goal of working as a political analyst for the CIA to settle down, raise a family and teach history and economics. But she put her studies to good use by delving into the motives of the characters in her first novel, The Lady Lies (June, Berkley Sensation). The historical thriller takes place during the Napoleonic wars when Aidan Duhearst, Earl of Wessex, spies Napoleon's mistress in a Regency ballroom
and goes in pursuit of the deadly double agent, Lady Celeste Rivenhall. "The plot is very intricate," Saxon says. "I think readers will find a lot of surprises, not only in the storyline, but emotionally as well. Villains are sometimes heroic and heroes are sometimes villainous… just like all of us."

The author triumphed over adversity when she was diagnosed with a reading disability as a child. "In a way, I'm glad I'm dyslexic," Saxon says. "I think it adds a unique dimension to my writing that I'm not sure would be there otherwise."

Other obstacles were to prove surmountable as well. "A week after I sold The Lady Lies, my mother became very ill and lived with me for five months," Saxon relates. "I revised my first novel between doctor visits and caring for two children." Her mother recovered, but two weeks after she began working on her second book, The Lady Killer, disaster struck again. "My 10-year-old niece was swept away in a flash flood and died five days later," says the author. "The key to perseverance is being thankful. I have an amazing husband and two wonderful, healthy children. My mother has recovered.

I have the good fortune to be writing for Berkley, and I had the privilege of being in my niece's company for 10 years. Fortunately, The Lady Killer is a dark book, and my dark
mood matched the plot perfectly."

For now Saxon's dark mood has cleared, with only good things to look forward to as The Lady Lies hits shelves and she makes final revisions on her second historical thriller, The Lady Killer, due out in December. "It's a very interesting story loosely based on a real woman, and I was very excited to tackle it," Saxon says. Sounds like the perfect challenge for this determined student of human nature.—Tara Gelsomino

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