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When I first met Georgina Beaumont in Scandal In Venice and The Spanish Bride, I just knew she would have to find her own happy ending! She's everything I ever wished I wasself-confident, flamboyant, a true individual who doesn't care what anyone thinks about her. But she also carries around deep wounds from her past, and she is afraid to truly love again.

Alexander Kenton, the Duke of Wayland, seems just the man to help her. Titled and handsome, he is a hero of the Napoleonic Wars, and knows all about how to storm defenseseven those of a very stubborn redhead. Most of all, he deeply loves Georgina. But will the insecurities of the past threaten their new-found happiness?

Here's an excerpt:

Alex lifted her hand to his lips, his breath warm and sweet through the thin kid of her glove. "Perhaps we should rejoin them?"

Georgina smiled. "Before your mother recalls her duties as chaperone and sends Emily out here to fetch us?"

"I doubt Mother would care if we stayed out here for hours," Alex laughed.

"Truly?" Georgina leaned just a bit closer to him, her hand still in his. "Then perhaps we should."

"Georgina." He stared down at her, his eyes shining and silvery. Then his arms came about her, warm and safe and sheltering. "Blast it all, Georgie, but I cannot be a gentleman one second longer."

His lips came down to meet hers. Georgina's eyes widened in surprise, then fluttered closed at the delicious warmth that flooded through her like fine brandy. She looped her arms around his neck, burying her fingers in his soft curls as his mouth slanted on hers

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