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Let's face it. Having the right wardrobe can be awfully expensive. But what's a girl to do when a gorgeous silk gown is calling her name? My newest novel, Lady in Waiting (Jan., Warner Forever), is the story of Jenny Penny, a Regency lady's maid with a wicked shopping addiction. In fact, she's in debt right up to her fashionable, satin-ribbon-bedecked bonnet. It seems Jenny's only way out of trouble is to secretly sell her homemade peppermint facial cream on the backstairs market. Suddenly, maids and footmen are lining up at her employers' kitchen door to obtain a pot of the "tingle cream" for their lords and ladies, who for some reason are applying the concoction to some very intimate body parts. Lady Eros Tingle Cream is born, and Jenny's new secret entrepreneurial venture becomes an overnight success.

And just in time too, because her wacky matchmaking employers have decided to pass her off
as highborn Lady Genevieve to snare the attentions of Lord Argyll, a handsome Scottish viscount. Heaven knows she'll need more baubles and gowns if she wants to carry off the masquerade. A girl has needs, after all.

To my surprise, no one ever asks where I got the idea for the heroine to be a shopaholic. (Imagine that!) Instead, they all want to know where I got the idea for the "tingle cream." Okay, for the first time, I shall confess all.
Blame Clinique. Their Sparkle Cream is a peppermint exfoliator that got me thinking one night as I washed my face. Then there were the Viagra ads, but what really cinched it is that the local pharmacy carried some real tingle cream. Well, honestly, who could pass that up? All in all, it was enough to set my writing mind racing nonstop for a month until the book was done. You see, all you need is the right inspiration, a load of caffeine and perhaps some eyedrops from the pharmacy when you unglue your retinas from the computer screen. And keep an eye out for that tingle cream.

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