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MY LADYS GUARDIAN is the story of Margery Welles, sister to the heroes of my first two books, The Darkest Knight and A Knights Vow. Margery is a contented, confident womanso naturally I plunged her into the worst trouble of her life. The king grants her the rare privilege
of choosing her own husband, but she is hiding a secret that makes her determined never to marry. When her childhood friend Gareth Beaumont returns, years after his family curse forced him to flee England, Margery hires him to protect her from greedy noblemen. He poses as her devoted suitor, but neither of them imagines that their ruse could become a passionate reality. Now who is going to protect Margery from her bodyguard?

Margery felt a shiver of fear. Her rescuer was tall and well-muscled, wearing a leather jerkin over a dark shirt. His bright blond hair was longish and shaggy, as if hed been traveling for some time. Then their gazes met, and she forgot to breathe.

She would recognize those intense eyes anywhere. He was Gareth Beaumont, the boy from her childhood.

She stepped back, barely able to take in the man he had become. He was sun-burnished, golden, his nose straight and strong, his cheekbones
as chiseled as if carved by a sculptor. He was so beautifully rendered, yet so male, that it made her uneasy. And in that moment, she felt small and dark and sinful, unworthy to even look upon such perfection. What would he think of her if he knew her secrets?

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