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Risky Business


Playing it safe isn't an option for Renee Bernard. While many aspiring authors
are content to wait on the sidelines until the mainstream publishers come calling, this unstoppable scribe (and frequent RT contributor) struck out on her own, self-publishing her historical romance Blind Aphrodite with, in 2000. Though Nora Roberts-sized success wasn't immediately forthcoming, Bernard didn't give up, and her gambling nature was roused by a challenge from friends and fellow authors Robin Schone and Cindy Cruciger to be more fearless in her writing.

Their dare led her to pen her second novel, A Lady's Pleasure, releasing this month from Pocket Books. Set in Victorian London, the romance features a fitting heroine who takes a huge risk for a night of passion. "She's not the typical saucy, confident creature you usually run into in romance novels," Bernard explains. "I wanted to take a shy, quiet person who generally follows the rules and see what happens when she dares to be naughty just once with a very sexy and notorious rake." Merriam risks it all, but will she reap great rewards or damage her reputation? That remains to be seen, but as for Bernard, it's already clear that her risk has paid off in spades.

The author, who's also a doting new mom to 4-month-old Fiona, has a full dance card, including a waltz with historical heavyweights Sabrina Jeffries, Liz Carlyle and Julia London in the December anthology The School for Heiresses, then a tantalizing tango with a bordello-set sequel, Madame's Deception, slotted for summer 2007. -- Tara Gelsomino

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