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Blood Lust for Fall

A Gothic of The Feehan Kind...

Readers thirsting for Christine Feehan's next Carpathian installment, DARK SYMPATHY, due March 2003 from Berkley Jove, can sink their teeth into an animal of a different kind this month in LAIR OF THE LION.

In her September Leisure release, Ms. Feehan adds her own magical style to "Beauty and the Beast." She set the story of Isabella Vernaducci and Don Nicolai DeMarco in the Italian Alps in the 1800s where the Celtics had settled, infusing their magic, legend and mysticism into village culture. Against that backdrop, Isabella sets out to give her soul, in order to rescue her imprisoned brother. Her pursuit leads her to the lair of Don Nicolia, a man with a velvet growl.

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