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Dear Reader,

What happens when a woman can always tell what a man is thinking?

What if one such man is the powerful Highland warrior she’s just met and her father wants her to marry?

What if another is the young King of Scots, who is trying to reclaim his realm after nineteen years of English captivity?

What happens if the warrior learned as a prisoner of a brutal captor to conceal his thoughts, emotions, all forms of body language—and to trust no one?

In other words, what if my heroine can read everyone she knows or meets, except the man who becomes her husband and with whom she falls in love?

What happens when he learns that she can read everyone around him?

These are some thoughts I played with while plotting The Laird’s Choice, book 1 of my new Lairds of the Loch trilogy.

To create my characters, I drew on Roman and Greek mythology. My heroine, the lady Andrena MacFarlan, grew out of an incident in the story of the huntress Camilla, a friend of the goddess Diana’s. I also used the three Fates as patterns for Lady Andrena and her two younger sisters, Lina and Muriella.

For my heroes and the book’s background, I drew from Highland tales of clan feuds. A treacherous cousin has usurped the Clan Farlan chiefdom from Andrena’s father, Andrew Dubh MacFarlan, and now controls all but one of its estates.

My characters all live in the west Lomondside area, essentially the Highlands west of Loch Lomond. However, myth-based characters deserve an unusual setting, so the sole remaining estate from the once enormous chiefdom of Lady Andrena’s father is the wild, precipitous, and sacred area known as Tùr Meiloach (‘small tower guarded by giants’), which has an eerie, fearsome reputation for protecting ‘true MacFarlans,’ a reputation that has daunted most would-be visitors for years.

Birds and the beasts of the forest are wilder and more vicious on Tùr Meiloach’s land than elsewhere, and men swear that its bogs reach out to grab unwary trespassers. The steep, mountainous terrain is replete with rivers too wild to ford; high, knifelike ridges; and deep chasms with walls likely to crumble at a man’s touch and bury him. Legends abound of men, even whole armies, vanishing there.

Andrena’s hero is Magnus Mòr Galbraith, a near giant of a man, and Andrena’s father wants his daughters to marry warriors who will help him win back his chiefdom. So Mag suits his requirements perfectly. That Mag has been a prisoner of the usurper Andrew sees only as a plus.

Mag, however, is not a man easily managed by others, nor one who properly appreciates a wife who expects to know his hidden thoughts.

In short, sparks fly in The Laird’s Choice, and I loved setting them alight as Mag and Andrena try to help Andrew win back his chiefdom and foil a dastardly plot against the King of Scots. Enjoy! Suas Alba!

Happy Reading!

- Amanda Scott

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