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Hope Ramsay

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Author's Message

Dear Reader,

I have voices inside my head. No, I’m not crazy; I’m just an author. All authors have voices in their heads. Our characters live full and rich lives inside our imaginations. They pull us from our sleep, whisper to us while we’re in the shower, and generally make pests of themselves.

Most of the time I can get rid of a particular voice by giving him or her a story. Once I get that story down on paper, the voice shuts up and makes room for someone new. 

But recently, I had a terrible time getting one of my characters to move out and make room for someone new. His name is Stonewall Rhodes, and he doesn’t like change very much. He’s also an ex-military man, a small town cop, and a widower with two children. He’s the hero in Last Chance Christmas, which will be available in late September.

But when I finished writing that book, Stone was still hanging around, whispering to me at odd moments. So when my editor asked me if I had any ideas for a novella, Stone immediately seized control, and I found myself saying that I wanted to write about Stone and his first wife, Sharon. 

And that was a surprise. But that’s how Last Chance Bride was born.

I very soon realized that Stone wasn’t ever going to move on until I told Sharon’s story. And isn’t that just like him? He has terrible trouble letting go of things. And he loved his first wife very deeply. 

It was interesting to write two stories with the same hero. In Last Chance Bride, Stone is only eighteen and facing a monumental decision—whether to go to college or join the military. It’s not an easy decision because Sharon is expecting him to go to college. And you can just imagine her reaction when he tells her that he wants to take a different path.

Sharon has lived in my head for as long as Stone has. Bringing her to life was a joy. She’s plucky and smart and has a plan for her life that’s going to need adjusting in order to accommodate true love. It was truly gratifying to give her a place to live and breathe, and I know readers of the Last Chance series will adore this strong woman who eventually becomes Haley Rhodes’ mother. 

Thank you, Stone, for insisting that I write her story. 

- Hope Ramsay

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