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Hope Ramsay

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, E-book, Contemporary Romance

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Author's Message

Dear Reader,

It’s the middle of August, and that means it’s county fair time. I live in a suburban county, so to be honest, my county’s fair is . . .well . . . kind of lame. But if I drive a little ways into the country, I can find the “real deal” county fair. You know the one—with rides and 4-H displays.

I discovered fairs when I was little. In my home town, we had the Strawberry Festival—a tiny fair with a Ferris wheel and games of chance and cotton candy. I cannot tell you how wonderful my memories are of those summertime nights at the festival.

When I was a teenager, my older brother moved to a house in Danbury, Connecticut, that sat right across the street from the Danbury State Fairground. The state fair was as big as the Strawberry Festival was small, and was more of a carnival than a fair – perfect for a teen. The fairgrounds took up acres and acres, and people came from all over to ride the rides and eat the greasy, bad-for-you food. 

I didn’t discover a “real deal” county fair until I visited the Garrett County Agricultural Fair in western Maryland as a grown woman. This fair has been going on for the last 57 years and has the rides and games of chance, along with wrestling matches, live country music, stock sales, 4-H competitions, and a demolition derby. The whole thing goes on for a week in late July, and you have to be there every night because there’s always something new.

County fairs like the one in Garrett County are an old-time slice of Americana. And it’s nice to know that they haven’t lost their appeal, even in our fast-paced, modern world. Yeah, fairs are kind of corny (quite literally, when you consider the corn stalk height competition at the Garrett County Fair), but I love them.

So it’s no surprise that I decided to set my summertime short story, Last Chance Summer, at a county fair called The Watermelon Festival. It’s the story of Amanda Wright, a single mom, who takes her grandmother and young son to the fair for a day of fun. But everywhere she goes, from the exhibit hall to the kissing booth, she’s hearing the low, sexy voice of Grant Trumbull, the new local DJ, whose radio show is being broadcast live.

Grant may be from the big city, but he’s getting into the county fair in a big way, as he interviews the local craft exhibiters and demolition derby drivers with a kindness that comes right through the loudspeakers. The more Amanda hears Grant’s voice, the more she begins to wonder if he just might be The One, even though she’s never laid eyes on him.

I had fun writing this story and visiting a county fair in my imagination.  And surely do hope y’all enjoy visiting.

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