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"I always wanted to be a mermaid," says author Shana Abé. "When I was young, I loved mermaids the way most girls loved tea parties, ponies and glitter—with an entrenched, soul-consuming fervor. So it was only a matter of time before I realized I wanted to write a romance about mermaids. Three romances, actually, linked by the common, tragic myth of a siren and her lost love. The couples in all three are the descendants of this mystic pair, each destined to discover a path to true love. I'd never written a trilogy before, but was fully prepared to plunge right in.

"Happily, my editor embraced this idea and came back with a unique proposal for me: Bantam would publish all three stories in one big(ish) 580-page novel. In other words, I get the trilogy, and my readers get the instant gratification of not having to wait for sequels. Everyone wins.

"Writing three different time periods was a blast. I'd written medievals until The Last Mermaid and felt very comfortable in that space. So I jumped back a bit and set the first story of the trilogy in a much earlier time—the days just after the Romans abandoned what we call Great Britain. I created a warrior king and the siren who saves his life, and made it impossible for them to stay together—and impossible, of course, to remain apart.

"My heroine from the second romance is an infamous Spanish assassin sent to kill the one man, it turns out, that she cannot. From the moment their eyes meet, their attraction is instantly, scorchingly mutual. And the contrast of her cinched and corseted daintiness to her actual profession was incredibly fun to write. Even in hoops, she kicks butt!

"Shifting into a contemporary for the final romance made me a tad nervous, but the story flowed from the first words, and I was totally involved in the characters: a lovely, intelligent woman living in Los Angeles, surviving the deaths of her family day by day, and the mysterious, clever Scotsman who hunts the earth to find her and bring her back to her Scottish birthright, and to his heart. He's willing to risk everything to pull back the curtains of her past and show her the full truth about them both and their timeless love."

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