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Laura Lippman

Genre: Private Investigator, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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—laura lippman

Baltimore P.I. Tess Monaghan takes on her toughest case yet in THE LAST PLACE.

"It starts off as an investigation into five unsolved homicides," Laura says. "A consortium of local non-profit groups wants Tess
to find out if these murders went unsolved because small-town law enforcement agencies don't have the experience to handle even routine domestic violence cases. But the five murders don't seem to be domestic homicides—some of them don't even seem to be murders. Tess finds the link with the help of an unusual ally, only to find that her own life is at risk."

Though Lippman describes this as "the angriest Tess book to date," it's also one of her funniest, and reveals quite a bit about our favorite Baltimore sleuth. The story opens with Tess and her chum Whitney pursuing an internet predator with a taste for teenage girls—they mete out a rough justice that lands Tess in court-ordered therapy for anger management. Most female readers, however, will find themselves cheering Tess on!

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