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Laura Baker

Book Title: LEGEND
Genre: Psychic, Shapeshifter, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Laura Baker Is Immersed In LEGEND

By day I work with my husband at our two Native American art stores in Albuquerque, New Mexico. By night I write romances in time squeezed out between being a wife and a mother.

Though I could always use more time to write, the hours at the galleries are a constant source of ideas for plots and characters. We buy directly from the Native American artists and many have become friends. We'll get phone calls in winter about no heat, and drive out to the reservation with kerosene heaters; or we'll get calls inviting us to blessing ceremonies for new hogans. There's a cowboy who sells us old Indian jewelry and then leaves the strangest gifts—mostly books about government conspiracies and how to survive in the wilderness. Its a never-ending parade of real-life characters!

A conversation with my friend Evelyn, a Navajo weaver, sparked the idea for Legend. Evelyn is a Christian Navajo. As she left a church service one evening, she saw a shapeshifter run across the parking lot. She described the wolf—his tail hanging straight down, his size as large as a man—but he didn't threaten her and she felt no fear. Her first thought was that he had come to remind her of her Navajo roots and traditions. I wondered if the shapeshifter—the Navajo witch capable of so much terror and evil—might not also have its own agenda, a purpose beyond explaining evil. What if he were not evil incarnate but instead the ultimate struggle for balance?

I needed a hero strong enough to face this powerful terror. And, in keeping with the theme of balance, I needed a heroine with her own deep convictions. Jackson is an FBI profiler and Ainii is a Navajo weaver and medicine woman. By the end of the book, the fundamental beliefs they each hold are shaken to the very bedrock. Only through trust and love can they pick up the pieces.

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