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The very first story I was ever asked to do as a producer at CBS News was an obituary on Rose Kennedy, assigned more than 15 years before she actually died. I was so excited to be doing my first piece that I didnt pay much attention to family and friends who thought it gruesome that a story about someones death was all assembled well before the subject heaved a final breath.

As the years passed, I updated Mrs. Kennedys obit several times and worked on many others as well, playing the odds that old age or severe illness meant that someone would most likely die soon and we had better have a video life story ready to air. But a few times, I had someones obit ready when no one really expected the person to die. I had done the stories on hunches feelings that paid off.

Out of those experiences came Let Me Whisper In Your Ear. Those, and a love born in childhood of the old Palisades Amusement Park, which offers a mysterious subplot to the book.

The TV news world provides many colorful characters with interesting idiosyncrasies. By and large, most of the people who work in broadcasting are, in my opinion, decent and well intentioned. But some are flamboyant, calculating, conniving, ambitious and drunk with power. And, of course, like all of us, they want to find love. They are perfect personalities for the characters in a book.

I hope that I am sharing with you an insiders view of the television news world and that my recurring characterKEY Newsand the personalities who work there, love there, scheme there and plot there, will entertain you, scare you and thrill you. Nothing would make me happier than that.

Id love to hear from you. Please visit my website,

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