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Pamela Morsi

Book Title: LETTING GO
Genre: General Mainstream Fiction, Mainstream

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Author's Message

Mother, May I?

It's a family affair for Pamela Morsi

Pamela Morsi has mother issues. She didn't realize it until friend and fellow author Teresa Medeiros pointed out that all of her books feature a deceased mother figure! Morsi rectifies the situation in her new novel, LETTING GO—in spades.

Her latest release from Mira is about four generations of women living in the same house: a 70-year-old mother, a 42-year-old main heroine, a 21-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old granddaughter.

"It's like a multigenerational Little Women," Morsi joked. "I think that all of us have some kind of 'mother thing,' some kind of baggage with that relationship."

Heroine Ellen is a "disappointed optimist," dealing with grief over her husband's death and the fallout from the dissolution of her once-happy suburban life, while her mom, Wilma, is a free spirit and "serial bride," who sees life as a game of musical chairs. Add Ellen's party-hardy 21-year-old, Amber, and Amber's 3-year-old daughter, Jet, and you have a recipe for serious tension!

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