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Lori Wilde

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Dear Readers,

I was super excited when Grand Central told me they were going to reprint four of my backlist titles. Before I wandered into writing small town romance, I wrote humorous action/adventure romances. I’m a big fan of Romancing the Stone and when I wrote these four books, that movie was my gold standard for what a humorous action/adventure romance should be.

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to compare the scenes from Romancing the Stone to scenes from my novels.

In Romancing the Stone, Joan Wilder is a mousy romance novelist who receives a treasure map in the mail from her deceased brother-in-law and learns kidnappers have taken her sister hostage. In You Only Love Twice, Marlie Montague is a mousy comic book artist who writes about conspiracy theories only to discovers that one of theories is true when an assassin is sent to silence her.

In Romancing the Stone, Joan Wilder takes a jungle road trip with soldier of fortune, Jack Colton in search of Joan’s missing sister. In my book, License to Thrill, the heroine PI Charlee Champagne teams up with straight-laced Mason Gentry for a road trip through the desert in search of Charlee’s Elvis-impersonating father.

In Romancing the Stone, Joan spends the night with Jack in an airplane fuselage after getting accidentally stoned on marijuana bricks that they burn to stay warm. In Mission: Irresistible, Cassie Cooper spends the night on hero’s Harrison Standish couch, only to be caught in the act of self-pleasure with a rip-roaring sex toy called “the rattler.”

In Romancing the Stone, Joan and Jack are after a valuable jewel—aka the stone. In Charmed and Dangerous, David and Maddie are after stolen artwork and oh, yes, Maddie’s sister who has taken up with an art thief.

Like any good action/adventure romance, there’s humorous hijinx galore—in License to Thrill, a gigantic fiberglass hamburger falls off the roof of a diner and crushes the hero’s prized Bentley, living him and the heroine stranded in the Arizona desert.

There’s mysterious intrigue—in Charmed and Dangerous, a masked man takes Maddie hostage during carnival in Venice and secrets her away in a crumbling tower.

Life and death stakes abound—in Mission: Irresistible, a ancient cult is out to silence Cassie for good and Harrison has to stop them.

And of course there is plenty of sizzling sex—In You Only Love Twice, Marlie and Joel make love in warehouse that stores parade floats. There are lots of places in a setting like that for some original sex play.

I hope you enjoy the blast from my past with these fun, sexy, high-octane books and maybe, just maybe, we’ll see a comeback of action/adventure romances.

Happy reading,

Lori Wilde

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