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The inspiration behind Lies in Disguise is that I wanted to write a story showing the connective bond of family, sisters mainly. The bond of sisterhood stretches across the divides of country, a town or even several city blocks. Sisters are connected like a thread, which at times may seem fragile, but really it isn’t. The bond of sisterhood is strong and when brought together, it’s unbreakable, regardless of family friction or conflict or happiness and joy. The link between sisters cannot be broken.

The premise of the story revolves around Charlene and Corinne, identical twin sister’s who’ve been estranged for many years. While Corinne has moved to California and lived the life of a pampered, but adulterous and conniving wife, Charlene has lived meagerly while independently caring for their ailing father in Virginia. Fearing for her life and that of her children, Corinne calls upon Charlene and encourages her sister to come to California. Charlene is more than eager to. She wants to put their rift of the past behind them. But on the day the sisters meet, tragedy strikes. One sister is killed and the other is clinging to life. Charlene is immediately mistaken for Corinne. As she struggles to remember that horrible night, Charlene is embraced by Corinne’s family, and the niece and nephew she’d never known are calling her Mommy. Could Charlene do an unimaginable thing and pretend to be Corinne? Could she pretend to be wife to a man who had motive to rid himself of a cheating and vindictive wife? Yes, she could because he’s first on her list of suspects. But how would she know that living Corinne’s life would bring danger and reveal things about her sister that she never imagined possible? 

Creating the character of Charlene was a lot of fun. She’s this Southern young woman who is no stranger to hard work and getting her hand dirty. She has a good heart and a loving personality. But when she’s thrust into her twin sister, Corinne’s pampered life as a cunning and spiteful woman Charlene is like a fish out of water because she’s never been that way. She now has to struggle to be what she’s not. What results are awkward situations where Charlene’s real personality and humorous side comes to the surface, along with her Southern twang she’s been forced to keep under wraps.

Tyler Mills, Corinne’s affluent and powerful husband knows his wife well, and what he knows, he doesn’t like. But he cannot abandon her in her hour of need; after all, she is the mother of his children. When Tyler begins to see a different side of his wife’s personality, one that he finds himself attracted to, he’s thrown for a loop and immediately believes it is related to the brain trauma she suffered. But truthfully, he suspects her of treachery and won’t fall for it again.

The rest of the Mills family members have their own suspicions concerning the changes they see in “Corinne.” 

As Charlene investigates to find out who killed her sister, she enlists the help of her physical therapist, registered nurse, Flo. A Southerner herself and one for tackling a good mystery, Flo’s character created a sympathetic and comical balance to the oftentimes emotional element of the story.

- Bernice Layton

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