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Julia London

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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When Bad Things Happen to Good People

I’ve always been sort of fascinated how some people can go through life without anything bad ever happening to them or their families, and how others seem to get hit by every hard knock life can dish out. Personally, I have been really lucky. There have been some bumps in the road, but overall, life has been pretty good. Knock on wood.

Wyatt Clark, who you may have first met in Summer of Two Wishes, is one of those people who never had anything really bad happen to him. He was a guy who had grown up as an only child on a ranch. He’d gone to college and had come back to the Texas Hill Country to buy and sell ranchland. He rose to some prominence in Cedar Springs, had an active dating life, made lots of money, and was generally a happy camper. Nothing bad ever happened to him. 

When he met Macy Lockhart, he thought he was the luckiest guy on the planet. Macy was a war widow, her husband lost to a roadside bomber in Afghanistan. Wyatt was entranced by this beautiful, sad woman, and wanted nothing more than to lead her back into the light. He fell hard in love for the first time in his life. He wooed her, seduced her, and finally got her to marry him. He built her a big house overlooking the lake and gave her everything her heart desired. They were truly happy and had just begun to try to make a family when the unthinkable happened: The Army informed Macy that her first husband wasn’t dead after all. He’d been captured and help captive, and he’d escaped, and he was coming home. To her.

Wyatt fought hard for Macy. He tried to be honorable, and then he did things he wasn’t proud of, but all is fair in love and war. In the end, however, the love of his life chose the love of her life, and that was not Wyatt. It was a lethal blow. 

When you see Wyatt again in A Light at Winter’s End, he’s had a couple of bad years. He’s isolated himself and gone back to solitary ranching job, where he has only his dog to answer to. Wyatt was one of the good people who got a bad deal, and he doesn’t know how to pick himself up and live again. When he meets Holly Fisher, he thinks he might have a shot at reclaiming his life. She has something he recognizes he needs to really live again. But something bad happened to Holly, too, and sometimes, when bad luck hits, a person can never shake it off. Will Wyatt be able to shake it off?

Thank you so much for your interest in A Light at Winter’s End. I hope you enjoy reading what has become of Wyatt Clark!

- Julia London

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