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With Lily, I'm saying goodbye to the Seven Brides and the Randolph family. It's a bittersweet goodbye, as I'm relieved to have made it to the end of the series, but sorry to leave the married Randolphs and their 22 offspring.

From the moment the six-year-old Zac announced to Rose he always drank whiskey with his dinner, I've wanted to write his story. He was a delightful imp who grew into adulthood fighting off the restraining hand of George and ignoring his family's advice.

Zac is out to get the most fun out of life. When his brothers got in his way, he ran away. He was determined to own the biggest gambling saloon in the West.

Lily Sterling ran away to avoid marrying a minister. While Lily's faith is quite firm, she isn't cut out to be a preacher's wife. When she accepted Zac's rashly issued invitation to come out West, she wasn't thinking of finding a husband, only avoiding one.

But things don't turn out the way either of them expect. Naive Lily isn't ready for life in San Francisco, especially in the Barbary Coast. Zac is certain the only solution for her is to go back home to the Virginia mountains. Lily thinks Zac is in dire need of being saved. She decides Fate has sent her to San Francisco to dojust that.

When everybody from Lily's designated husband to Zac's female right-hand-man start trying to save Zac and Lily from themselves, things rapidly get worse. So bad Zac is forced to talk Lily into marrying him.

Thanks to those who've written to say they fell in love with this family. I appreciate your letters, cards and gifts. If you missed one of the books, Leisure is bringing them back into print. The whole series will be available when LILY comes out.

Next year look for my new series "The Cowboys," which follows some orphan boys who grow up on a Texas ranch.

For a bookmark, send an SASE to P.O. Box 470761, Charlotte, NC 28226.

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