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Bree-Annon Pozzessere Proves Romance Is a Family Affair!

Shannon Drake's Daughter Launches a Cover Model Career With her Mom's Latest Historical Romance.

By Carol Stacy

They say that apples don't fall far from the tree and in the larger-than-life Pozzessere dynasty, one of the offsprings has stepped into a new career that follows familiar footsteps. Bree-Annon Pozzessere, the eldest daughter of novelist Heather Graham (aka Shannon Drake) and Dennis Pozzessere, was unwittingly born into the romance world 19 years ago, just as her mother's career was beginning to take off. Despite having four school-age children (Bree-Annon being the youngest at the time), Heather managed to keep in
the limelight by attending every romance and book-industry event; that usually meant bringing along the entire family in appropriate costume! Fortunately, she had the support of her husband, Dennis, who also enjoyed mixing and mingling
with members of the romance industry and the multitude of readers.

Throughout the past two decades, Heather's five children (daughter Chynna Skye arrived 12 years ago) have been part of an extraordinary lifestyle as they've traveled through Europe and America with their folks to attend book-signings, tours and industry events. In fact, Chynna, Bree-Annon, Derek, Shane and Jason are as comfortable at a Romantic Times Booklovers Convention as any other romance fan.

The cover model bug apparently bit Bree-Annon at the age of 12 when she and little sister, Chynna, appeared on the back of mom's book, Tomorrow the Glory (written as Shannon Drake). Although the shy preteen had not yet envisioned a modeling career for herself, it wouldn't be long for this beautiful young girl to see her dreams realized at the 1994 convention in Nashville.

While accompanying a pageant contestant at the Mr. Romance Competition, Bree-Annon stunned the crowd with her natural beauty and her poise onstage. She moved with style and confidence in front of the cheering crowd. From that moment on, she became a regular sight at subsequent RT conventions and caught the eye of many publishers and art directors.

Today, Bree-Annon's passion for the romance genre and her intimate knowledge of the business (thanks to her mother) truly has made her the apple of publishing's eye. Not only does she find portraying romance heroines great fun, her strong relationship with the community on the whole has made them a second family to her. After all, she was partly raised by family friends like Kathryn Falk (her sometimes-nanny who taught her to use credit cards and room service and to look for men with resources and status!), cover illustrator Sharon
Spiak (we won't reveal what she learned form this bohemian artist!), cover model Cindy Guyer, endless cover men including Fabio, hundreds of authors and, finally, thousands of romance fans.

So, with a best-selling romance author for a mom and the knowledge of just how difficult the business can get, we asked Bree-Annon why she was pursuing modeling as a career. Her response? "I just love it!"

Authors and publishers who are interested in having Bree-Annon pose for their covers can contact her at:

About the Book

THE LION IN GLORY, the fifth book in Shannon Drake's Graham family series for Zebra, is an exciting epic set in Scotland. In the midst of war, Jamie Graham travels to England to claim Hamstead Heath. He has absolutely
no need for the manor's chatelaine, but the spirited Christina demands he take her as his hostage anyway.

Christina has her own motives for convincing Jamie to take her with him. She is determined to free her brother, who was jailed by the new English king on charges of treason. Soon, her mounting love for her captor threatens to divert her attention from the matter at hand: rescuing her brother. But a twist of fate looms, threatening to tear apart everything she holds dear.

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