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Rachel Gibson

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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A Revealing look Into Rachel Gibson's Latest!

When Lola Carlyle Reveals All, we're not talking deep, dark revelations here We mean, this former supermodel's been caught showing some serious skin and unfortunately for her, it's been photographed for the world to see.

Set in the beautiful Caribbean (and interestingly enough, this is the first time one of Rachel Gibson's stories have taken place outside of the Northwest), the last thing Lola expects to find is a former Navy SEAL hiding out on her private yacht!

"When LOLA CARLYLE REVEALS ALL begins, the heroine has been out of modeling for several years," Rachel reveals. "She has started a mail-order lingerie business, has dealt with very serious food issues that almost took her life, and she is just on the verge of becoming very successful when nude photos of her begin to appear on the internet What's interesting is, she is not only judged by the same impossible standards that the rest of us face, she is also judged against photos of her former perfect self."

Rachel's sixth book, which is still untitled, focuses around a female sports reporter assigned to travel the country with a hockey team. But the goalieand our reluctant herois of the opinion that her presence is more of an imposition than anything else.

Look out for Rachel's completely revamped website,, with monthly contests to boot! Check her website regularly for contest info and more news, plus the title of her sixth romance, which comes out in February 2003.

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